Getting the Love You Want
A New Way of Loving:
A Journey to Commitment & Connection

Based on Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendrix

with David McCann Ph.D. and Janis McCann, Ph.D.
Certified Imago Relationship Therapists and Workshop Presenters

This intensive workshop is often compared to 3-6 months of weekly couple's therapy. It allows you to become aware of how your unmet childhood needs are the true source of the current frustration and pain you experience in your relationship. Understanding your partners woundedness will remove criticism and blaming of your partner, which perpetuates the power struggle. Unconsciously we choose partners who can help us complete childhood, and in this workshop you will learn to begin stretching to meet your partner's needs, while healing yourself in the process.

Workshops are open to all couples: married, unmarried, straight and gay.

We recommend this book:

Getting the Love 
You Want

by Harville Hendrix
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The Unique Design of This Workshop is Appropriate For You...

if you want to enrich a good relationship...

if you are beginning a relationship you want to keep...

if you are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve long-standing conflicts...

if you are near break-up or divorce and want to decide if the relationship can be saved.

This weekend workshop is based upon the theory and exercises described by Harville Hendrix, PhD, in his best-selling book, Getting The Love You Want---A Guide for Couples. It will include lectures and guided imagery exercises led by Janis and David McCann, Certified Imago Therapists and Certified Imago Couples' Workshop Presenters, written exercises, partners' dialogue and communication processes you will do as a couple. Partners share only with each other, and confidentiality is maintained in a safe and comfortable environment.

What You Can Expect From Participating in a Couples Workshop:

Greater compassion for your partner. This happens for everyone to a greater or lesser degree.

New communication skills to break destructive cycles of relating. Couples learn how to channel the energy from their arguments to create passion and stability in their relationship.

Discovering how the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict. Couples get lots more information about themselves and their partner, organized in a new, more thoughtful way.

New tools for re-romanticizing your relationship to re-establish the passion of your early time together.

Helping each other finish childhood.

Learning how to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual evolution.

Workshop Schedules Vary.

Arrange your travel plans to attend the entire workshop. There are breaks throughout the day and 1-1/2 hour break for lunch. Please dress comfortably and be sure to get a good night's sleep the day before the workshop. It is important to NOT allow family business obligations to interrupt you once you begin the workshop.


"The Imago couples weekend was an invaluable experience. It provided us an opportunity to understand that our relationship must be a high priority. It provided us with a new way of communicating. We come away with a set of skills and processes that allow us to experience a deeper, more highly effective and intimate communication with each other. Janis and David are skillful, insightful, sensitive--consummate professionals."

"This workshop has changed our lives and our marriage forever. We learned key listening skills and invaluable communication tools which have helped us dissolve once impassable differences. Now we experience a deeper loving connection of honor, mutual respect, and sensitivity for each other's feelings, opinions, and points of view."

NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP IS PRESENTED IN A GROUP SETTING (Click Here for schedule of upcoming group workshops)... OR AS AN "INTENSIVE" (PRIVATE SETTING). If you are interested in the Intensive format, please inquire by phone or e-mail as to availability.